What is mansplain.exe?

Mansplain.exe is a program for fetching and maintaining help files. It is similar to the Linux man command or Get-Help in Windows PowerShell. Mansplain.exe is not meant to exclusively hold information about programs so go ahead and write files for whatever you like! Mansplain.exe also wraps the standard PowerShell Get-Help so it will return help files for PowerShell Cmdlets as well.

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How do I use mansplain.exe?

First see Installing mansplain.exe. Then just run mainsplain.exe sometopic.

How do I update help files?

Simply run mansplain.exe sometopic -update to update a specific file or mansplain.exe all -update to update all files.

Can I skip checking PowerShell's help?

Yes. Add -np to skip PowerShell and only check mansplain.exe files.

Will this work in Linux?

Maybe. Try it with Wine or something.

How do I write help files?

See Writing help files.